Projecto Preliminar de um Quadrirotor

(Filipe Pedro – 2009)

Design and construction of a multi-rotor with various degrees of freedom

(Nelson Fernandes – 2011)

Controlo e Simulação de um Quadrirotor convencional

(Sérgio Costa – 2008)


Estimation and Control of a Tilt-Quadrotor Attitude

(Estanislao Mateos – 2013)

Modelling and Attitude Stabilization of a Tilt-Quadrotor

(Ricardo Marques – 2018)

The inventor made an agreement with the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), in particular with the Mechanics Enginnering Departatment (wich contains Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering) so that it could produce theses based on the patent.

So far they have made four master's theses.

Supervised by professors Filipe Cunha and Alexandra Moutinho