ALIV project!

Access the patent here.

ALIV – Autonomous Locomotion Individual Vehicle

It is a system applied to a flying vehicle based on the patent US8128033 - "System and Process of Vector Propulsion with Independent Control of three Translation and Three Rotation Axis" - with flight capabilities joining the vertical take-off (helicopter type) and forward flying horizontally at high speed and very efficiently (airplane type).

Main applications:

  • Inspections (bridges, dams, buildings)
  • Deliveries of ultra-fast orders
  • Filming and photo shoots
  • Mapping of territory
  • Police Surveillance
  • Coastal Patrol

Possible developments:

  •  Unmaned air vehicle (UAV / Drone)
  • General Aviation (sport / business)
  • aircraft in kit
  • Defense / Security
  • Personal Air Vehicle (PAV)
  • ROV AND submarines