Translation Left / Right 

Synchronous inclination of longitudinal axes of the lateral motor

Travel to Front / Rear 

Synchronous tilting of the lateral axis of the lateral motors

Rotation around vertical axis 

Lateral tilt in the opposite direction of the lateral motors driving axles

The system described in US Patent 8128033 operates by tilting the lateral and longitudinal axes of the lateral ALIV engines. That is to move forward or to the side ALIV will not need to tilt all body of the veicule like the helicopters or multicopters (Quadcopters, hexacopters and others).

The system is adaptable to aircraft and any vehicle that moves within a fluid or vacuum, including water (ROV and submarines), and even adaptable to spaceships. The propulsion system has the great advantage that it can give the vehicle the unique ability to independently control movement in three independent translational axes and three independent rotational axes with a minimum of components, thereby minimizing costs

Access the patent here.

aliv system