Main Advantages

  • Vertical takeoff (VTOL)
  • Fast Flight
  • Flight Efficiency (Long range, flight with low power)
  • High flexibility and diversified missions


  • Inspections (bridges, dams, buildings)
  • Deliveries of ultra-fast orders
  • Filming and photo shoots
  • Mapping territory
  • Police Surveillance
  • Coastal Patrol

Possible developments

  • Unmaned air vehicle (UAV / Drone)
  • General Aviation (sport / business aircraft in kit.)
  • Defense / Security
  • Personal Air Vehicle (PAV


Long range airplane

The tandem wing configuration allows for greater aerodynamic efficiency compared to the configuration of conventional airplanes, the wide body enables easy adaptation of outdoor enclosures or alternative payloads of large size and weight

Propulsion system that allows a platform with excellent stability for observation for video or photo, even in high wind conditions.


Multicopter for remote video and photography

With tandem wings it has a good flight efficiency, the wide body allows a rapid adaptation of exterior compartments for different types of cargo.


Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft

Main characteristics

  • Horizontal Stability: maintains a much more stable base than other aircraft even with strong wind (Does not tilt to move or to counter the wind), which allows a higher quality application video/photo/surveilance
  • Flight Accuracy: System with geolocation with great precision and stability
  • Speed: More flight speed with less power
  • Availability: Technology tested and ready to be applied at this time. functional prototype with a capacity up to 1K

Main Characteristics

  • Load: large objects in relation to the plane in external pods or outsidein in the back or belly
  • Photo: low speeds and great platform stability
  • Inspections: Large tolerance of weight and load dimensions
  • Surveillance: Long flight time at the objective and range