(Multicopter/Helicopter) – November 2nd, 2014



(Vertical take off airplane)  – March 15th, 2014


(Multicopter/Helicopter) – October 9th, 2014

First flight ALIV-H V2 version, already with the body always leveled and the whole movement controlled by tilting the rotors. A flight algorithm was developed in order to stabilize the body, always leveled with the horizon, the algorithm was tested in this ALIV-H V2 vehicle.

First flight in airplane mode of ALIV-I V0. This is the first version ALIV plane. ´ The ALIV flight is carried out as a normal airplane, i.e. take-off and landing in a runway. The objective was to verify the ALIV stability in airplane mode and effectiveness of flight controls (ailerons, elevator, and drift).

First flight of the ALIV system, still in in  a flight mode with vehicle tilt in the direction of travel. This is the first application of an algorithm developed to ALIV. The flight was the ALIV System proof of concept in helicopter/Multicopter mode.