New vehicle ALIV-H V3 lighter and more maneuverable, first test flight. Improvement of stabilization in the body leveling, flight tests of the new algorithm, and new control parameters.

ALIV-h v3

(Hexacopter ALIV)  – April 7th, 2015

Changes in structure of ALIV-H V3 to include two more engines, one in front and one in the rear. And withdrawal of the tilt movement in the longitudinal axis of the motor (removed the possibility of lateral independent translation in this ALIV version). Changing the control parameters to improve the stability of the flight, in particular improved maintenance of horizontality with respect to the ALIV-H V3 previous platform.

New vehicle creation, ALIV-H V4 HEX60, full ALIV system with independent side and front/rear translation. Algorithm change for direct control of six engines and four servos (previous system with four engines and four servos). System flight test.


First vertical flight algorithm developed for ALIV-II. In this flight he created algorithm has been tested, but only for vertical flight. The control parameters were not optimized. The flight was carried out only with the central fuselage of the ALIV-II without wings.


(ALIV Hexacopter) – September 30th, 2015


(ALIV Hexacopter) – September 27th, 2015


(Vertical take off airplane )  – May 23rd, 2015